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In today’s tough economy you can’t afford to waste money or spend needlessly.  And one of the best ways to keep costs under control is by making sure your mod-factor is optimized.


So what’s a mod factor?  It’s one of many multipliers insurers use to determine your annual workers’ compensation premium.  When it’s inaccurate, which is often the case, you can end up paying more than you really owe – a lot more.


That’s why you need Synergetic Solutions.


At Synergetic Solutions we’ll perform our Comprehensive Compliance Audit to ensure that all claims are reported correctly, that the factors that determine your premiums are accurate, and that you recover any and all overpayments made as a result of these inaccuracies.


Through our services many companies have received unexpected recoveries and enjoyed reduced premiums.   When you’re trying to keep costs under control that can make a big difference.


Contact us now to get started and we’ll show you exactly how much you could save, and earn, by partnering with Synergetic Solutions.