The second highest expense for staffing companies, next to payroll, is workers’ compensation.  You do your best to minimize incidents, but you can’t control the safety conditions or hazards within your clients’ environments.  Claims will happen; but you can make sure the claims themselves are accurately reported, that insurer’s are using a properly-calculated mod factor, and that you’re not overpaying for premiums.


That’s where Synergetic Solutions comes in.


At Synergetic Solutions we’ll enhance your reputation by performing our   Comprehensive Compliance Audit.  In the process, we’ll find any past discrepancies and help recover any overpayments you may have made so you can keep your costs down and save money in the future with lower premiums.


You’d be surprised at just how many staffing companies we’ve helped by performing our   Comprehensive Compliance Audit.  Contact us now to get started and we’ll show you exactly how much you could save, and earn, by partnering with Synergetic Solutions.