Frequently Asked Questions

My agent already does this. Why should I hire you?

Your agent cannot be expected to perform the type of comprehensive audit that we provide. We research the latest changes in rules and regulations that affect your premium. This is why many of the best agents in the country introduce us to their customers.

Why doesn’t my insurance company make these corrections without your involvement?

Insurance carriers are not required to make many changes unless the changes are formally requested. In addition, there is little motivation for the insurance carrier to return your money.

What information does Synergetic Solutions audit?

Our audit focuses on data that is used to calculate your experience modification factor and all of the other factors that make up your premium calculation. Regardless of how good your claims management and loss control programs are, your experience modification factor and other miscellaneous debits and credits can still be incorrect and/or misapplied.


The following lists just some of the issues which can inflate your premium:

> Information contained in your loss run report was inaccurate

> Claims were included in the calculation of your experience mod that shouldn’t  have been

> Information that would have lowered your experience mod wasn’t reported

> Clerical errors were made to your disfavor

> Incorrect factors were used (ELR, SRAP, ARAP, Premium Discount, Schedule  Adjustment, etc.)

> Not all of the applicable state laws and regulations were complied with

> Not all of the exceptions to the national rules were accurately applied

> Data could have been reported differently to benefit your company but it wasn’t

> Your experience modification factor could have been lower

How much of my time will this take?

Although we may require your assistance, we do our very best to minimize the time that you devote to this audit. We work closely with your insurance agent(s), and the insurance carrier(s) involved. If you are willing to send us copies of the data you have, the audit period can be minimized and you will receive your refund sooner.


> Our audit is performed off-site with minimal time required from our clients

> The time it will take to complete your audit will depend on the time it takes to  obtain the data we need to perform the audit, and the complexity of the issues  identified.

My workers’ compensation premium is not that bad. Why should I do anything?

The fact that you are satisfied with your current costs has no direct correlation to the amount of money that can be recovered from past premiums. Regardless of your current costs, wouldn’t you want to know if you have overpaid past premiums? In addition, decreasing your experience modification factor will put downward pressure on future costs.

What is my company’s probability of recovery?

In order to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision, we have developed a preliminary review process. During this process, we review specific information that enables us to provide you with the probability of recovery, the average recovery, and the largest recovery we have identified for companies with profiles similar to yours. The preliminary review also allows us to point out other items which may increase your company’s probability of recovery.

How can I obtain a preliminary review?

You can contact one of our staff members to help start the process or obtain the request form directly from our website at We typically have the results within 48 hours.

What is the cost of the audit?

We offer hourly rates,  and a  contingent fee program. Most of our clients choose the contingent fee program because if we are unable to obtain a refund historically or a credit for the current year, there is no fee. We will invoice you after you receive the benefit of our work.

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