If you’re like many contractors, you already know your experience mod factor has a great influence over your ability to succeed.  With workers’ compensation premiums being the third highest cost for many companies, it’s a serious matter.  Your experience mod factor affects your premiums and may affect your ability to win contracts and earn new business.  In this economy you can’t afford to lose a single opportunity.


That’s where Synergetic Solutions comes in.


At Synergetic Solutions we have teams of experts ready to optimize your mod factor.  Your success is our success, so we work with your best interests in mind during our   Comprehensive Compliance Audit to help you lower your mod factor and get:


  • Reduced insurance premiums,
  • Recovery of past premium overpayments,
  • And ultimately, more winning bids.


Contact us now to get started and we’ll show you how much you could save, and earn, by partnering with Synergetic Solutions.