Suspect Your Experience Mod is too High


Many industry experts agree that a large percentage of experience mod factors are wrong. If you are in the contracting business, a mod that is higher than it should be can cost you competitive advantage and contracts – as well as premium credits. Or, if you are in any other competitive business, the costly premiums that result from an overstated experience modification factor can result in loss of competitive advantage. Don’t risk inflated experience mods that tell the world – and your company- that your operation is less safe than it actually is.


We conduct a very thorough experience modification factor audit but that’s not all. The mod audit is but a portion of our compliance audit. When you hire us to perform a mod audit we perform our entire compliance audit. If you pay more than $100,000 in annual premium for a qualifying program, we will perform our audit on a contingent fee basis. We also offer hourly programs.


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