We contracted with Synergetic Solutions in 2003 to perform an audit on our workers' compensation insurance premiums to determine if we had overpaid in our premiums. Collectively to date they have been successful in finding monies in their audits which have resulted in over $20,000.00 dollars of premium returned to us. I personally would recommend their services to anyone. I found all Synergetics' personnel very friendly and professional.

"When I contracted with Synergetic Solutions, I didn’t think they would recover any insurance money. I was confident we hadn’t overpaid and I believed our insurance carrier hadn’t overcharged. I believed we, and our agent, had the appropriate safeguards in place. Synergetic Solutions conducted an audit and recovered $13,108 for our company. I highly recommend their services - even if you think your premium is correct. Hopefully, they will recover money you didn’t know you were due."

"We would encourage anyone concerned with the cost of workers' compensation to give Synergetic Solutions the opportunity to recover overpaid premiums. Their audit identified errors resulting in more than $7,500 in overcharges that would have gone unnoticed. Synergetic Solutions audit proved to be a valuable compliment to our risk management program, and we will continue to utilize their service. It works for us!"

"We are a small organization that was suffering the pains of a very high modification factor. Synergetic Solutions approached us, struck a fair deal, and located over $1,000 in overpayment. More importantly, however, Synergetic Solutions’ work effectively lowered our modification factor which allowed us to get out of our State’s assigned risk pool. This reduced our work-comp insurance premiums by 20% over the past year. This is a great group to work with."

"A very large percentage of our revenue is devoted to workers compensation insurance premiums. Therefore, when we learned that Synergetic Solutions’ audit could identify overpaid premiums – and recover the overpayments - we jumped at the opportunity. It turned out to be a good decision because Synergetic Solutions recovered a substantial amount of money. Without Synergetic Solutions’ audit, we would never have known we overpaid."

"Synergetic Solutions performance in recovering overcharged premiums was exceptional. I recommend Synergetic Solutions audit to any company who wants to assure that their premiums and mod factors aren't higher than they should be."

"We have utilized the services of Synergetic Solutions since 2001 resulting in the recovery of nearly $150,000 in overpaid premiums. Synergetic Solutions is a truly professional firm. Their auditors are top notch and have helped us gain a better understanding of work comp. Because of bottom line results and the level of service we received, we hired Synergetic Solutions to audit another company of ours, Nationwide Graphics. Synergetic Solutions recovered in excess of $15,000 for them. I highly recommend Synergetic Solutions audit to anyone concerned with their company's bottom line."

"Synergetic Solutions was professional, courteous, and – best of all – successful in correcting misreported data and recovering overpaid premiums. We are very pleased with the $20,000 recovery obtained by Synergetic Solutions. We would recommend this audit to any qualifying company."

"My agent recommended we have an audit performed to check the accuracy of our workers' compensation experience mod factor and premium. Synergetic Solutions performed the audit on a contingency basis and recovered approximately $5000 for us. Synergetic Solutions also lowered our mod factor. We renewed our contract with Synergetic Solutions due to their professionalism and effectiveness. We now have assurance that our experience mod and premiums will be correct."

"Synergetic Solutions, Inc. was able to recover a total of $85,925 dollars on three Worker’s Compensation policies for our company. Their audit is comprehensive and I found the auditing staff very easy to work with. I highly recommend Synergetic Solutions’ audit to any business interested in recovering their overpaid Worker’s Compensation premiums. You have absolutely nothing to lose. We will definitely use their services again."

"Not only was Synergetic Solutions successful in reducing our experience mod factors, but they also identified an error on one of our policies. Synergetic Solutions has saved my company a total of $38,368 by correcting errors in multiple areas of our work comp. I am very happy with the quality of their service and would highly recommend them to other companies."

"My current insurance agent introduced me to the concept of having my past work comp insurance premiums audited by Synergetic Solutions. After deciding to move forward with the premiums audit I was pleasantly surprised that I was entitled to a recovery. Just a few short months after initiating the recovery efforts I received over $500,000.00 in return premiums. Synergetic Solutions provided an extremely professional audit in a very timely manner without wasting any of my time."

"The audit by Synergetic Solutions, Inc. resulted in an exceptional ROI for our company. With minimal time involved on our part, they were able to recover almost $16,000 in overpaid premiums. We will continue to utilize their service in the upcoming years, as they have proven to be very effective in the workman’s compensation auditing field."

"Synergetic Solutions, Inc. has been very persistent in getting changes through that didn’t look promising at the beginning. We have received $9,561 in savings so far and have an estimated $29,000 identified that is still in work. I have appreciated their standards of communication. I am always up-to-date on the status of our audit."

"I feel totally confident that my modification factor is correct now that I am working with Synergetic Solutions, Inc. Although the dollar return has been small thus far, they found an error from 4 years ago that we would have never caught. I have appreciated their great communication throughout the audit and look forward to working with them many more years."

"Synergetic Solutions' deep understanding of the workers' compensation rules and regulations and their determination to correct the errors on our policies saved my company $50,158. That's nearly half the amount we pay in premium in one year!"

"Synergetic Solutions was highly recommended by our insurance broker. As a result of utilizing their services, we were successful in reducing multiple experience modification factors and we received money back from past insurance premiums. Thanks to Synergetic Solutions, we recovered overpaid premiums and reduced our work comp costs with minimal investment of our time."

"Synergetic Solutions was able to recover $95,003 on one of our policies due to a debit that was incorrectly applied by the carrier. We had no idea we had been overcharged by this much. In addition, they were able to recover another $12,860 due to claims that were reported incorrectly on our experience modifications. That's a total savings of $107,863! I highly recommend having an audit done by Synergetic Solutions - you never know what you might be missing."

"When Synergetic Solutions first contacted us about an audit, we thought it was a “no-brainer.” There were no upfront fees associated with the audit, and no risk on our part. In the end, Synergetic Solutions found us money we otherwise would have never seen."

"After completion of our initial audit with Synergetic Solutions, we were at ease knowing that our workers’ compensation premiums were correct even though there were no refunds at that time. However, as Synergetic Solutions continued to audit additional policies, they have since been able to identify errors that did return overpaid premium dollars. We are thrilled that after sharing with Synergetic, we still have over $75,000 since that initial audit!"

"We were referred to Synergetic Solutions by one of our insurance brokers. They were highly recommended and lived up to that reference by recovering over $300,000 on audits covering two years of Workers Compensations exposure. We have entered into a long-term relationship with them, and look forward to their continued excellent work. I highly recommend them."

"Our company has been a client of Synergetic Solutions since 2001. We have always been pleased with their high level of service. They have successfully recovered $21,439 for us by correcting errors on our experience modifications. We would have never known to look for these errors - or had the time to figure out how to get them corrected. We feel safer knowing that Synergetic Solutions is using their expertise to find and correct any overcharges on our workers' compensation insurance policies. We couldn't give a higher recommendation. Synergetic Solutions' audit is a must."

"We originally contracted with Synergetic Solutions because we were very concerned about our experience rating. Synergetic Solutions verified that our ratings were correct, and they also found that there were errors on our expired policies. We were kept very well informed as our compliance auditor worked to correct the errors and get our money refunded. Our savings thus far totals over $107,000! We would definitely recommend Synergetic Solutions to any company interested in recovering their overpaid premiums."

"I would like to express how pleased our Company was that we decided to pursue your service which was really "out of the box" for the organization. Because we did we were able to recoup over $50,000 in premium from our workers comp carrier from 2 previous fiscal years for charging us based on an incorrect experience modification. I have referred several colleagues to your services because we were extremely pleased."

"My agent referred me to Synergetic Solutions to audit the compliance of our Workers’ Compensation policy. Though they were unable to recover overpaid premiums, the experience was a positive one. Their staff was professional, and kept my agent and me updated throughout the audit process. The best part was that the entire audit was free of cost to my company, and I am assured that my premiums are correct. I highly recommend Synergetic Solutions to any company that feels that may be paying too much in workers’ compensation premiums."

"Our agent recommended Synergetic Solutions' compliance audit to our company, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks to our agent's advice and Synergetic Solutions' thorough audit, our company has received over $40,000 in recovered overcharges! I would recommend Synergetic Solutions to any company concerned about their workers' compensation."

"It is a pleasure to work with your team at Synergetic Solutions! When Synergetic Solutions advised us of their confidence in recovering money for our business through their thorough audit of our workers’ compensation policies I admit I was somewhat skeptical. Through Synergetic Solutions expertise, their company successfully obtained thousands of dollars in refunds for us, which we wouldn’t have received without their services. We sincerely thank your entire team and have already recommended you to numerous associates."

"Synergetic Solutions' workers' compensation compliance audit resulted in more that $14,000 in recovered premiums. The recovery resulted from correction of errors our insurance carriers made when calculating our premiums and when reporting our claim experience to the rating bureau. Synergetic Solutions' staff was knowledgeable, professional and persistent. We look forward to doing business with them in the future."

"Synergetic Solutions has identified a total of $44,114.00 in savings for our company. Their staff is professional and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend their services to any company having concerns regarding their worker's compensation premiums."

"We were pleasantly surprised with the results that Synergetic Solutions obtained. Without Synergetic Solutions audit, the recovery of $13,000 would have remained an unidentified overpayment. We now realize that carrier reporting errors are a reality and can cost us a lot of money. However, with help, such errors can be caught and rectified. In our opinion, Synergetic Solutions is the “go to” auditing firm for workers’ compensation issues."

"Synergetic Solutions' audit pointed out that carrier reported data plays a crucial role in the accuracy of workers' compensations' experience mod factors. Synergetic Solutions corrected data that resulted in revision of our historical modification factor and a recovery exceeding $30,000. They also corrected data that will result in a lower mod factor going forward."

"We would not have known that our workers’ compensation insurance carrier accidentally overcharged us without Synergetic Solutions help. Synergetic Solutions identified the problem, explained the overcharge to the carrier and recovered our money. We are pleased with the audit process and the result."

"Thanks to Synergetic Solutions, we saved over $5000 that the insurance carrier had accidentally overcharged us. We are now confident that our mod factor is correct. The work done by Synergetic Solutions proved to be effective and going forward we are assured that our mod factor will be improved."

"We were happy to hear that Synergetic Solutions secured a substantial refund as a result of their audit. In addition, the corrections they made to misreported carrier data will result in lower mods going forward. We highly recommend Synergetic Solutions' audit to any company."

"The fact that Synergetic Solutions conducted their audit with no upfront fee put me at ease. The other company I had hired to do an audit charged an upfront fee with no results. I appreciated the fact that Synergetic Solutions was persistent in helping my company, which lead to a recovery of dollars we had been overcharged. Thank you for your tenacity, Synergetics!"

"I would strongly recommend Synergetic Solutions’ recovery audit to anyone concerned with their workman compensation experience modification factor. Their auditing staff was both professional and thorough. With minimal amount of time involvement, they were able to recover over $12,000 of inflated premiums for our company."

"After working with Synergetic Solutions, Inc. I am confident my modification factor is now correct. They were able to identify errors in our historical data that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. With minimal time involvement on our part, we were able to recover in excess of $9,000."

"We were contacted several years ago by Synergetic Solutions regarding a workman’s compensation modification audit. Our agent indicated an additional audit was not needed because they provided the same service on an annual basis. Despite our agent’s advice, we decided to move forward with a Synergetics' audit since there was no downside to completing another evaluation. We were pleasantly surprised to find Synergetic Solutions was able to recover over $30,000 in overcharged premiums. Based on these favorable results, we will continue to utilize their services for years to come."

"I was skeptical that Synergetic Solutions could recover any worker comp premiums previously paid to an insurance company from their audits. Their competent, knowledgeable staff assisted me in assembling the required information. From the data collected, the claims were prepared, filed and reviewed with the insurance company by Synergetic Solutions. We received a return premium for several policy years that was like “found money”. I was amazed at the number of errors made by the insurance company that affected our experience mod and the workers’ comp audit calculations. Synergetic Solutions is very good at what they do. They made a believer out of me."

"Synergetic Solutions did a great job researching our policies and modification factor data. They found overcharges on our premiums that were recoverable. They were also proficient in identifying issues for us, which we could correct going forward."

"We truly appreciated the fact that Synergetic Solutions recovered more than $4000 that we didn’t know was lost. Because of their effectiveness and expertise, I highly recommend Synergetic Solutions audit to any qualifying company."

"We had no idea we had overpaid premiums, or that they could be recovered. Consequently, I was ecstatic when Synergetic Solutions recovered $21,000! I would recommend SSI’s audit to any company that qualifies regardless of if they question the accuracy of their workers’ compensation premiums and mod factors or not. Synergetic Solutions was prompt and professional, and they saved our company a significant amount of revenue."

"Synergetic Solutions, Inc. did a phenomenal job identifying issues with my workman’s comp. The corrections of these issues led to over $15,000 in savings directly to our company. The entire process was easy and resulted in minimal use of my time. They took care of everything from start to finish and communicated with me on a regular basis."

"Our experience with Synergetic Solutions, Inc. has been nothing but positive. Our business encompasses asphalt & concrete paving, building construction, redi-mix, and aggregate supply. They recovered over $16,000 in overpaid premiums within three months. Their service has been beneficial; bringing dollars back to our company we would not have known about."

"Synergetic Solutions is a highly effective auditing firm. Because of their persistence and deep knowledge in workers’ compensation rules, to date, we have successfully lowered several of our experience modification factors, and recovered over $51,500. Without them, we would have never known that our experience modifications and our premiums were higher than they should have been."

"Our experience with Synergetic Solutions, Inc. was exceptional. The audit process was fast, even with the complexity of our business. The staff communicated with us on a regular basis with the status of our audit. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of our audit – over $75,000 in savings!"

"I would recommend a premium recovery audit by Synergetic Solutions to anyone concerned with the rising cost of workers' compensation insurance. Their auditing staff was friendly, professional, and thorough. They uncovered an over charge of $21,777 within 30 days of retaining their services. The audit required very little time on my part and resulted in a premium refund that flowed directly to our bottom line."

"Originally, I was hesitant to have Synergetic Solutions audit my program because I was confident there was nothing to recover. Due to my hesitance, Synergetic Solutions account manager suggested that I check his company out. My investigation indicated that Synergetic Solutions was a legitimate and successful auditing firm. Given this fact and our contingent fee structure, I had nothing to lose by having the audit performed. I expected to obtain value by having Synergetic Solutions audit confirm that all rules and regulations had been complied with and there was no overpayment. To my surprise, Synergetic Solutions identified and recovered $40,000 in overcharges. In addition, they kept me well informed throughout the audit and recovery process."

"Synergetic Solutions’ communication with us throughout the audit was wonderful. Not only did we receive scheduled audit updates, but we were also notified immediately of any new audit developments as they occurred. We are extremely pleased with the level of service Synergetic Solutions provides."

"Synergetic Solutions is a great resource to have when it comes to workers’ compensation. Even though we are highly proactive in running our workers’ compensation program, Synergetic Solutions identified and corrected errors that totaled over $79,700 in return premium. We would recommend Synergetic Solutions to any company that wants to aggressively manage its workers’ compensation program."

"Synergetic Solutions Inc. did a very thorough audit of our work comp and thanks to them it resulted in a refund to us in the amount of $14,364.00. It was well worth having the audit done."

"I appreciate the efforts that have been made at Synergetic Solutions lowering my Workers' Compensation costs. We realized some substantial premium refunds for past years and going forward have a lower mod factor."

"Synergetic Solutions is a “best kept secret.” They identified issues in our past policy periods - as far back as 1997 - and were successful in recovering close to $225,000 of overpaid premiums. We had no idea that we had overpaid premiums and we would have never recovered these funds without Synergetic Solutions’ help."

"Synergetic Solutions recovered $116,000 in work comp premiums and they reduced our mod factor 20 points for six consecutive years."

"Originally, I had misgivings about the service that Synergetic Solutions offers. I thought that it was too good to be true and therefore had to be a scam. However, after experiencing their audit, I learned that they are real. Synergetic Solutions recovered over $16,000 for one of our companies, so I had them audit another of our companies - they identified more savings. Synergetic Solutions is an efficient and effective auditing firm."

"We have used the services of Synergetic Solutions, Inc. for the past five years and have appreciated their persistence in getting corrections through. They have found multiple errors resulting in overpayments that totaled $23,929.00 and we anticipate more before the year is over."

"The service we received from Synergetic Solutions, Inc. was very rewarding. We received a refund check in less than three weeks from signing our agreement."

"I was pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness of the audit and the professionalism of the auditing staff. They left no stone unturned! In the end, we had received refund checks totaling $28,374 and an additional $1,789 in savings on our current policy."

"Workers compensation is one of the largest employment expenses of Dekalb Forge Company. Deciphering NCCI reports and compensation audits are very difficult to do internally. Synergetic Solutions provided a valuable service of auditing and recovering over $46,000 in premiums. The revised experience modification ratio also reduced our costs going forward. I would highly recommend using them to reduce workers compensation expense."

"Synergetic Solutions has recovered over $16,000 for our cooperative. Working with their professional auditing team has proven to be a very wise decision."

"Our experience with Synergetic Solutions, Inc. has been well worth our while with minimal time invested on our part. To date, we have received return premiums from 3 different carriers totaling $89,436."

"Synergetic Solutions, Inc. completed audits of our Work Compensation Insurance Premiums for previous years. The results were astonishing with return premiums of $15,850.00. Synergetic Solutions, Inc. received payment our of the recovered premiums which were previously lost to us, therefore we had nothing to lose, only money to gain. Not only did we receive returned premiums but we are receiving future benefits with reductions in our modification rate which reduced our subsequent premiums.

Staff working with us are helpful, pleasant and professional. They continue to monitor our premiums to ensure that we are paying the correct amount and no errors are being made in the computation of our rates, which they only get paid for if they uncover errors which result in returned premiums.
Our overall experience with Synergetic Solutions, Inc has been 100% positive… We are happy to give them our “Seal of Approval.“"

"We decided to have Synergetic Solutions perform a compliance audit on the recommendation of our agent, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Not only was there a recovery, but we were also very impressed with the communication we received throughout the process. Synergetic Solutions is a professional firm that we were more than happy to refer to other transit authorities."

"When Synergetic Solutions first contacted us about an audit, we were interested, but didn’t really think they could help us. Once the audit was started, we were surprised by the results. Synergetic Solutions identified errors on several of our policies that totaled over $36,000! We would recommend Synergetic Solutions to anyone. Even if you don’t think there’s anything there, you might end up being as pleasantly surprised as we were. "

"We decided to use Synergetic Solutions based off of the recommendation of our risk manager and we couldn’t believe the results - $68,537 in recovered premium! We are not only very happy with our refunds, but we are also very pleased with the level of service we were provided. Our auditor kept us well-informed during the audit so we always knew what was going on."

"I hired Synergetic Solutions to make sure I got what I paid for when I bought workers’ compensation insurance policies. Synergetic Solutions checked the promises the carrier made in the policy they sold to me against what actually happened. The result was recovered money – lots of it. The whole process has been handled with the highest level of professionalism. Synergetic Solutions knows their business. Hiring them was the best investment of time I’ve made."

"Synergetic Solutions was so easy to work with. The effort it took to supply them with past records was well worth it. We received an unexpected return of 15k. The staff is very knowledgeable on the intricate laws and red tape of the industry. They explained everything to us and worked quickly. They will be my watchdog for all of our future workers compensation audits. In this economy, as insurance company’s cut corners, it’s good to know I have a resource I trust to look out for our best interest and bottom line. "

"Thanks for the job you guys did with the audit. I am very impressed with your organization. Everyone I dealt with has been polite, attentive, and very professional. I look forward to continuing our relationship…"

"I was surprised that Synergetic Solutions was willing to perform their audit on a contingent fee basis knowing we previously had another company perform an audit. After all – all audits must be the same. Nearly $125,000 later – I’m convinced all audits aren’t the same. Without Synergetic Solutions’ audit, I would have overpaid premiums by $125,000 and would never have known it."

"We have nothing but good things to say about Synergetic Solutions. We rely on Synergetic Solutions because their experts possess the knowledge to conduct an intensive workers' compensation compliance audit. Synergetic Solutions' expertise ended with our company receiving a sizeable refund. If only every company knew what a great resource Synergetic Solutions is!"

"One of our past work comp policies contained an error that we were not aware of until we hired Synergetic Solutions to do an audit for us. This audit revealed we were owed a substantial amount of money. Thanks to Synergetic Solutions, the work comp carrier agreed to correct the error and return the money to our company. The whole process was made very easy for us. It was a pleasure to work with Synergetic Solutions."

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