Compliance Audit - Process


Agreement Executed and Returned to You

A short phone conversation:

  • Introduction of auditor
  • Verification of insurance carriers
  • Verification of rating bureau(s)
  • Review of past and present agent information
  • Verification of insurance plan type
  • Review of state(s) exposure
  • Review any specific concerns

Required data is requested:

  • Policy Pages
  • Final Audits
  • Loss Runs
  • Auditor works with you, your agent, and/or carrier to obtain required data

Audit is conducted:

  • All suspect issues are reviewed and audit trails are followed
  • Claims are investigated
  • Rules, regulations, exceptions, filed plans, policy language, etc. are researched
  • Correction requests are filed and expedited through appropriate carrier(s)
  • Corrections and revised premium audit(s) are obtained
  • Refund checks or credits are expedited


Throughout the entire process, we will update you on the status of your audit.

Audit duration will depend on the time it takes to obtain the audit data and the complexity of the issues identified.