Patrick D. Charais

President and CEO


Some of our key employees believe that if you understand the founder, you will understand the company. Consequently, they asked me to publish my biographical information. With their request in mind, and in the interest of brevity, I will attempt to draw a parallel between my experience and the audit we provide.


Five years auditing nuclear power plants and their suppliers.

During this time, I learned to perform extremely detailed operational audits. As you can imagine, there was no room for error. Many of the operational auditing techniques I learned while in the nuclear field have been incorporated into our current audit.

Ten years developing, negotiating, and administering multi-million dollar contracts.

As you may know, insurance policies are contracts. In addition to identifying noncompliance with rules that govern your workers’ compensation insurance plan, our audit identifies contract issues. In fact, a high percentage of the overcharges we identify are the result of policy noncompliance. We have identified more than $18,500,000 in overcharges to date.

Seven years in market research and development.

While analyzing markets, developing programs, and implementing programs, I learned to match a product or service to a company having a need. We are a target marketing firm, and we are very good at identifying those companies that have the greatest need for our service.

Fifteen years as President and CEO of Synergetic Solutions, Inc.

In the early years of Synergetic Solutions, we hired people with extensive insurance industry experience. They had a list of professional certifications as long as your arm but it was difficult to train them as compliance auditors. They were good people, and I have little doubt they were great in their field, but they tended to accept what has “always been done.” We are compliance auditors, and in our company, “compliance auditors” may not determine the acceptability of an activity based on “the way it has always been done.” Our determinations are based on the specific “chapter and verse” of the applicable governing laws, rules, regulations, filed plans, and policy. We cannot – and do not – ignore noncompliance regardless of past industry practices.

My formal education includes:

BA from Metropolitan State University (Minneapolis, MN)
MBA from University of St, Thomas (St. Paul, MN)

If you have any questions about our service, please contact us at 1-800-758-2941. You are welcome to ask for anyone in management, the auditing department, the sales department, or me.

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